Alyssa Neumen – Grand Valley State University
“"As a coach of 38 student-athletes, we enjoyed how easy and smooth this fundraiser was. It was incredible to have a organization and staff who was so attentive to our needs and assisted us in every step of this campaign. We also enjoyed how easy this was for our student-athletes and how they did not have to put in much work in order to make this fundraiser successful. Campaign Sports provides a professional letter and makes it unique to each of the programs they assist. They also do a great job of providing an online alternative and webpage. I found this very helpful for the technologically-based society we live in. We also enjoyed the team webpage, that allowed us to see how our campaign was going each step of the way."”
Jonathan Meade – Cedarville University
“"Campaign Sports took all of the creating, organizing and managing out of my hands. The team and I provided the initial information, but Campaign Sports took it from there. They make it easy to connect online, make changes or view your progress. They took fundraising, which often times seems like a huge task, and made it easy. Moreover the Campaign Sports team I worked with was friendly and very flexible."”
Laura King Hannibal-LaGrange University
“"Campaign Sports allowed me to focus on our team instead of having to fundraise. It was an easy way to raise money to help grow our program! Having PayPal/online payment options really helped bring in some extra money! I appreciated not having to put the names/addresses in myself. I did not have to spend time focusing on fundraising"”
Meghan Collins – Southeastern Louisiana University
“"Campaign Sports made fundraising hassle-free. It's a great way to stay organized and track your progress throughout the fundraising campaign. The staff at Campaign Sports are easy to reach and work with. Overall, this was a great experience."”
Aaron Rembert – Mars Hill University
“"I wanted to personally say thank you for helping us out the last couple of months. You and your staff were awesome and always answered any question, no matter how small, in a timely matter. Enjoyed it and look forward to a long future with you guys."”
Ben Karnish – Northwestern College
“"Campaign Sports helped us fund enough money to cover a big travel trip to Salt Lake City, UT. We would have never had the funds if we did not do this fundraiser. It was easy to put together and a must for any coach in any program."”
Brian Doherty – Kean University
“"What can I say about Campaign Sports? Simple, THEY DO THE WORK! I can concentrate on my coaching. Peter not only promised a seamless experience but he delivered . He and his team went over and above to make sure our fundraiser never lost momentum."”
Michele Durand – Ohio Northern University
“"Campaign Sports made it very easy for me as a coach to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. It required very little work on my end so I could spend my time coaching. Peter and his staff take care of all the details. A great experience."”
Denise Bierly – Eastern Connecticut State University
“"Working with Campaign Sports was a breeze. They do all the work for you, put together a fantastic brochure, handle all the mailings and we sat back and collected over $7,000! We’ll be back!"”
Brian Reed – Cal Poly University
“"The Cal Poly men's soccer program took part in a very successful letter writing campaign with Campaign Sports. The Campaign Sports Team made this process run smooth from start to finish and they were always available to assist our program with any questions that we had throughout the fundraising process. I would certainly recommend Campaign Sports to any program looking for a great way to run a smooth fundraiser."”
Helen P. Neil, RN, MSN, HCSM, CLNC – Nicholls State University
“"We could not have been more pleasantly surprised with our results from our first campaign. Two words best describe this program. "Ease" and "Professionalism". We will be back."”
Adam T. Pearce, M.S. – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Arizona
“"I could not have been more pleased with the level of service and commitment from Peter and his staff to make our fundraising campaign a success. Peter stated that his brochure was of the highest quality, he said it would be delivered quickly, and we would be able to see an immediate return on investment. He was 100% honest and correct on all three! The efficiency and of the process coupled with the minimal amount of time invested from made this project extremely worthwhile. I look forward to a continued partnership with Peter and Campaign Sports."”
Laura Elliot – Whittier College
“"I loved this campaign! Campaign Sports made everything very easy and simple, which took a lot off my plate administratively. The brochures looked awesome and the communication was great. We would definitely do it again."”
Jason Steele – WPI
“"Overall a very good experience. Straight forward approach and we ended up making $4,950 before expenses. CS fees are very reasonable and I would say there is no downside to this approach. I see this as an ideal mechanism to do a fundraising campaign to tackle big picture, major program fundraising."”
Kimmy Bloemers – Palm Beach Atlantic University

"Everything was smooth and easy. I Love the personalized letters and the organized system of this fundraiser. I recommend this company for any program!"

Emily Russell – Lee University
“"We really enjoyed using Campaign Sports this year. It was HASSLE FREE and we were able to streamline our process. I feel that we will have even better response in the following years. The support staff was very helpful and very prompt with any and all questions we or the donors had about anything. We were very pleased with our experience. Don’t hesitate to use them for your program!"”
Paul Tate II – McMurry University
“"We did used Campaign Sports as a fundraiser and we able to raise about 4,000 dollars. It was one of the best and easiest fundraiser to set up and do. McMurry Men’s Soccer will use Campaign Sports again in the future."”
Wally Crittenden – Stephen F. Austin State University
““From start to finish, Campaign Sports has taken care of everything. From design to making the pitch and ultimately fulfillment, I couldn't have asked for a more seamless process and that is really important for as coaches we have so many things going on that demand our attention. The experience our donors had was excellent as well. I look forward to working with Campaign Sports in the future!””
Trish Siedlik – Bellevue University
“"It was convenient, easy, and didn't take me away from lots of other things I do for my program. At the NAIA level, the coaches wear many hats and fundraising includes one of the many tasks. It's funny but even though I was a graphic design major and could do lots of the things that CS did, we don't have the resources for credit card donations. This was a huge plus for our clientele and made the program that much more satisfying."”
Faye Perkins – UW-River Falls
“"Thanks for another VERY successful campaign for the UW-River Falls softball team. After taking the attached surplus statement into account, it looks like we made over $5,000--that's about half of our spring break trip to California! We will look for the surplus check and then close up this year's campaign. Please count us in for next year!"”
Christopher Eder – Castleton State College
“"This is a great fundraising opportunity for any and all teams out there. It is easy to do and the folks at Campaign Sports are great in regards to getting back to questions and such. When introducing this to my student-athletes, I said to them that “this will most likely be the easiest fundraiser you will ever participate in.”…and it sure is!"”
Johnny Bega – San Jose State University
“"I believe Campaign Sports presents a professional fundraising aspect to help big and small programs alike. It was very easy to do and Campaign Sports gave us a lot of guidance so that our fundraiser was a roaring success. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you guys again. P.S. I have spread the word about campaign sports to our every coach in our athletic department!"”
Mara Primmer – Wells College
“"I found working with Campaign Sports easy and very productive. It was a great way to raise extra funds for our team that did not require my team to go selling ‘door to door’ so they could focus on the season. I would recommend to other coaches needing to raise funds."”
Corey Paluga – Elmira College
“"Campaign Sports has helped get a first-year college program off the ground. We are pleased with our first campaign, and look forward to making great strides going into next year's campaign. Thank you to Campaign Sports!"”
Christopher Marks – Tarleton State University
“"Campaign Sports offered one of the best fund-raising experience I've had in all my years of coaching. Set-up was relatively easy, and their staff definitely did most of the hard work. We'll be back on board next year."”
Coak Matthews – Henderson State University
“"We have done 3 campaigns to raise funds for our program with Peter and Gary Hager at Campaign Sports. Needless to say, I have been very pleased with the results. Also, both Gary and Peter have always been very helpful when any questions arise. They are very professional and do a great job answering questions and concerns in a very timely manner. I highly recommend that anyone needing to raise a significant amount of money with a minimal amount of effort, that you contact Gary or Peter Hager at Campaign Sports."”
Eric Bennett – Alvernia University
“"Campaign Sports does nearly all the work, allowing the coaching staff to focus on the team rather than writing letters and tracking donations. In addition to taking care of the administrative aspect of the fundraiser, Campaign Sports allows for online payments. This is something that would be difficult to do in-house, but is very beneficial to the success of a campaign."”
Richard Gary – Wells College
“"In the sea of companies offering to help with team fundraising, we were lucky to find Campaign Sports. The setup was simple and easy to use, their customer service was excellent, and our team is committed to continuing using them in our future fundraising efforts. In addition we are referring Campaign Sports to all of our schools other teams."”
Marie A. Thomason – Embry Riddle University
“"Campaign Sports made the job easy. For our team to do everything they did such as write, print, mail our brochure and integrate the social media side would have taken WAY too much time away from practice, playing and studies. We will be back!"”
Betty Casey – University of SW Soccer
“"Working with Campaign Sports was extremely easy. The staff was very easy to work with and for a busy coach they worked around my schedule. My players found it very easy to use and the coaches enjoyed the simple way of checking on donations. We wish we could do this more often! You did wonderful. "”
Marci Saunders – The University of Texas at Dallas
“"We have tried many different routes of fundraising with little success here in the DFW area. Working with Campaign Sports was very easy, they had great customer service, and we raised the most money we ever had in my 11 years at UT Dallas (over $7000). I highly recommend working with them!"”
Ken Badylak – Saint Joseph’s College (IN)
“"We had a wonderful experience fundraising with Campaign Sports. We really enjoyed the ease of collections and the overall way donations were organized on our internet portal. It was much easier than doing it on or own and was extremely well organized from start to finish. We will be back!"”
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