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The Importance of Functional Fitness for Student-Athletes

Functional Fitness, or Cross Training, is an important component of athletic development from youth to pro. Functional fitness focuses on movements that focus on balance, coordination and body awareness. As an experienced coach & competitor for several years, I have found functional fitness to be the best option for athletes looking to improve their strength, stamina and cardio capabilities.

Some of the exercises used include olympic lifting, compound movements and interval circuits which require the use of multiple muscle groups at a time. Some examples of these movements such as clean and jerks, sled pushes and wall balls require explosiveness, coordination and focus which will naturally force the body to improve its overall cardiovascular capability.

This type of training is primarily focused on the athlete performing under exertion, increasing their aerobic capacity and concentration under exhaustion. Being able to focus under exertion is vital for athletic performance. Our facility works with athletes of all types and training is sports specific, so all programs can be customized.

It is my experience in working with athletes, that high intensity training as well as olympic lifting improves aerobic capacity, explosiveness and performance far greater than just strength training and cardio alone. For athletes looking for the competitive edge, I highly recommend incorporating functional fitness into their weekly routines.

Dominick Cataudella
Coach at Intrepid Montclair

@dom923jk @intrepidmontclair

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Clemson Lax Makes Fundraising Change That Pays Off

Much like their fellow student-athletes in football, Clemson University Men’s Lacrosse is showing their national championship potential in multiple ways. On the field, 2018 was a banner year that included a 14-3 overall record and semi-finalists in the SELC. With a strong mix of seasoned upperclassmen and hungry freshmen, the MCLA Championship is certainly within striking distance this spring.

Off the field, Tigers Lacrosse exceeded their fundraising goal of $10,000 this winter with the help of Campaign Sports. These funds will cover their team travel expenses to Boulder, CO for slated matches against Colorado and Colorado State respectively.

Campaign Sports would like to personally thank the team’s fundraising coordinator Nathan Brown for making the switch from ‘traditional crowdfunding’ to our more market friendly approach which ultimately netted the team thousands more in profit than yesteryear. That amount of additional funding could pay significant dividends to the team’s overall success this year and beyond. We at Campaign Sports look forward to continuing our partnership with Clemson University Lacrosse for years to come!


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McMurry Baseball Set For Take Off This Spring

After a 6 year period of provisional status, McMurry Baseball is primed and ready to start competing for an ASC championship and a berth in the NCAA Division III national tournament this spring. After the wild rollercoaster of going from D3 to D2 and back to D3 again, the War Hawks have put together a quality combination of strong returners and talented newcomers in what is setting the stage for a special spring 2019.

In preparation for the spring season, McMurry Baseball has once again partnered with Campaign Sports for their annual team fundraiser and the results are on pace for their best overall profit to date. Raising thousands of dollars to cover equipment & travel costs throughout the season, the War Hawks are already displaying a commitment to getting the job done both on and off the field.

Campaign Sports would like to personally thank Coach John Byington for continuing to entrust us with his team’s fundraising needs for the 6th year in a row. Despite the bumpy ride, here’s to McMurry Baseball having a tremendous season this spring and looking forward to working together again in the near future!


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Cardinals Basketball Flys South For Christmas

While fundraising successfully comes naturally for some programs, SUNY-Plattsburgh Women’s Basketball has turned it into an art form. Despite the obstacles of being a state school program near the Canadian border with no scholarship money, Coach Cheryl Cole continues to get the most out of her squad both on and off the court which includes a 3.3 team GPA.

Lady Cardinals Basketball has teamed up with Campaign Sports for the 4th time in 7 seasons and 2018 has proven to be our most successful fundraising campaign to date. Raising several thousands of dollars in profit, the ladies were able to travel to Miami, FL for The Exclusive Invitational over Christmas break.

Campaign Sports would like to thank Coach Cheryl Cole and her team for continuing to entrust us with their fundraising initiatives every other season and hopefully many more years of success together to come!


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The other day I was in an off-the-rails political discussion with someone closest to me (in my entire life). This person, despite the contrasting lens in which we see certain social issues and policies, you see, we share a congruent value system and moral code. We might not agree with one another, but we try and get each other, from left to right to everything in between.

In today’s world, battling over anything, no less political gripes, is certainly not abnormal. But it is for us. Because we talk. We communicate. We listen to one another. We give each other the space to share and then dissect, understand, resolve. I love this about us. I protect this about us. 

The other day, I fell short. On my commitment, on my integrity, to show up for him in this way. 

Growing up, communication consisted of…the basics. There were no advanced conflict or deep listening or resolution strategies. There could be an argument followed by silence. There could be a matrix of assumptions and misunderstandings surmounting in an overflow of haste and anger. Undoubtedly, there was love, plenty of it, but the communication ‘thing’ was unkept—and hijacked many a days and nights. 

In contrast, on the playing field, there were signals and signs, collective chants, clear instructions and corrective criticism to follow when necessary. You addressed what was, along with your coach and teammates, head on, and always knew where you were and where you were going. Communication bred an unspoken camaraderie that was a defining anchor.  

As an adult-something—my communication will be kept, tended to, nurtured. On the easy days, and on the more challenging days like this one. I will know when and how to use my voice. To engage, uplift, empower and unite. 

And yet the other day, I fell short. 

And he, standing firm in his own knowing, his own intention around doing better, being better…confronted me front and center. 

As the questions unfolded, I slowly transported back to a moment in time. Feelings of being misunderstood and frustration started bubbling up. I couldn’t use my words. I couldn’t get my reaction to feel right or good. The agreement we could often access and land comfortably on was nowhere in sight. Operation: Silence & Shut Down was heading my way…fast. 

Later that day it still stung me. The knowing that I knew better. Could do better. Heck, I didn’t invest all these years in personal development for nothing. I knew I had to make it right. 

I often visualize the ‘next year from now’ me. The ‘next level’ or ‘2.0’ me. She is a powerful speaker both in the personal and professional sense. She is crystal clear and resonate in her language. She is masterful in her ability to help others rise to their greatness. She brings joy to those around her and makes others feel good. She is healthy, fit and strong. She is making a bigger and bigger global impact. 

In that moment I had to step into her fully. 

It was time to put the big girl panties on and OWN MY SH*T. Acknowledge, understand, apologize; give this person the respect they deserved. 

Sounds simple, right? Not after years of handling situations like these the same way, like clockwork, which often meant walking away, not speaking, and allowing time to do its part. This had been my pattern. My hardwiring—long after the lessons learned on the field were somehow temporarily forgotten. 

And what a disempowering way to live. To do relationships. Like slow forming decay that eats and eats over time…until nothing is left. 

This isn’t the way I’m here to play. 

So, I asked him to talk and he graciously ushered me in. 

Not only was the outcome endearing and amicable, but I now know how to navigate in the future, which means, greater self-awareness, a new perspective and deeper understanding. 

THIS is how the ‘Next Level’ me does life. Love. Conflict. 

This is how the field, gym and floor conditioned me to play some decades ago. 

After all, if we’re not here to know, do and perform better, what are we here for?

Grateful for the person, the lessons, and the tools to become a warrior over any circumstance, big or small. 

No matter where your conflict arises, be it on or off the playing field—this easy 1,2,3 process will ensure the other person feels understood (key to resolution), restores your integrity (inner knowing of what’s right) and fosters deeper connection, MINUS the unnecessary prolonging, avoidance, and DRAMA. 

OWN it and clean it up!

Say to the other person:

  1. I hear you that you think/feel (insert what the person is thinking/feeling)
  2. I need to (insert what action you will take in response to their complaint) 
  3. I would love for you to (insert what you need from them) 

Example: I love/value/respect/appreciate you. I hear you that you feel I’m being condescending right now. I need to pay more attention to my tone of voice so you don’t feel this way. I would love if you could continue holding the space for us to speak openly about these things. Thanks. 

Stephanie Hess is a Business & Success Coach for Creatives, Coaches & Entrepreneurs and enjoys red wine, true crime and road trips (in no particular order). To learn more or for her free blog, visit here. 

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Dawson Baseball Enters New Era With Financial Precision

Dawson Community College Baseball will enter a new coaching era for the 2019 season under rising star Phil McClure. Coach McClure brings a plethora of D1 playing & coaching experience both on and off the field and is already paying dividends for the Bucs.

This winter, the team’s fundraising campaign for their opening season trip to Arizona was an overwhelming success. Raising several thousands of dollars in revenue, the money raised will offset the cost of airfare, hotel accommodations and food stipend.

Campaign Sports would like to personally thank Coach Phil McClure for the opportunity to assist his new baseball program this winter. Phil has partnered with us for his team’s fundraising needs during previous coaching stops at West Virginia, Coastal Carolina and Southwest Tennessee Community College respectively. Dawson Baseball is in good hands for many years to come and we look forward to working together again in the near future!

@dawsonbuccaneers @mtneermaniac10

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Lady Hornets Soccer Successfully Fundraises For France

Shenandoah University Women’s Soccer, despite narrowly missing out on their 4th consecutive winning season, continues to prove it knows how to compete when it counts most. The Lady Hornets narrowly missed a huge opening round upset in the ODAC Tournament against Randolph-Macon, dropping the fierce contest 2-1 on Penalty Kicks, 4 PK’s to 3, after 2 scoreless overtimes.

Off the field, their fundraising campaign through Campaign Sports laid the foundation for next summer’s international trip to France. Raising several thousands of dollars in revenue, the money raised also helped offset the cost of team travel to Pittsburgh to open the season as well as new team apparel through Under Armour.

Campaign Sports would like to thank Coach Elizabeth Pike and her entire program for the opportunity to assist the Lady Hornets once again with their fundraising efforts. We look forward to working together again in the near future!

@suhornets @suhornetsws @underarmour @uasoccer

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How To Be A Great Player.. While Sitting On The Bench

Sitting on the bench sucks.

No one wants to do it. Every player would prefer to be out on the court showcasing their talents to everyone inside the gym.

But the fact is that all players will spend a lot of time on the bench at some point. As a player progresses further in their career and makes the step up to the next level they may find themselves going from 35 minutes per game to 5 minutes per game.

If you’re only getting 5 minutes of playing time per game what are you going to do with the other 35 minutes you spend on the bench to help your team be successful?

What most people don’t understand is bench players do influence the outcome of the game greatly.

Most coaches I know don’t talk about what it takes to be a great bench player. Most players I know don’t think there’s such thing as a great bench player. But there is. There really is.

“The secret is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy” – Jerry Tarkanian

Here are 5 tips you must remember to be a great bench player.

1. Bring Lots of Energy

Energy is the most important thing for all bench players to bring to every single game, especially when your team is on the road. Show your passion for the game.

Be loud. Shout out words of encouragement to your teammates. Stand up and cheer each time your team scores or makes a great basketball play.

When a time-out is called a great teammate will be the first one off the bench to go out and high-five the players that were on the court. When the time-out is over be energetic. “Yeah, Brad. Keep dominating in the post!”.

All of these little acts lift the energy and moral of the team.

Your teammates and coach will appreciate it.


2. Take Note of Your Body Language

Here on BFC we talk all the time about the importance of body language for basketball players. Body language is just as important on the bench as it is on the court.

Are your players leaning back, slouching, and looking disinterested? Or are they on the edge of their seat engaged in the game?

Poor body language on the bench tells a coach you care more about yourself than the team. Prove that you’re a team-first player by having great body language on the bench.

Great teammates all sit forward, don’t slouch, and are engaged in the game.


3. Don’t Ruin Your Teammates Focus

Want to know what’s worse than a player not engaged in the game while on the bench? A player not engaged in the game that ruins the focus of their teammates.

If a player can’t stay engaged in a game this does not give them the right to ruin the focus of anyone else.

Don’t talk to them about things that aren’t related to the game, during the game. Let them focus. Save non-game related topics for after the game. No one cares what you’re planning on doing that night while the scores are tied mid-way through the fourth quarter.


4. Watch What the Opposition is Doing

While most players hate starting on the bench it does give you a BIG advantage over your starting opponents. By starting on the bench you have the opportunity to quickly scout your opponents.

Here are a few things you can look at if you’re a player on the bench:

1. Look for weaknesses in the defense.

If you’re a rim-attacking guard, which players on the other team have slow feet? Which players do you think you can easily beat off the dribble?

If you’re a three point shooter look for holes in their defense. What defense are they running? How can you take advantage of it?

2. What plays are they running?

Learn the names of the plays and the basic premise. Where will the ball end up? What can you do to stop it?

3. Scout your probable opponent.

Many coaches have patterns of substituting. If you know you usually get subbed on for a certain player, look at that players defender. What are they doing that you can exploit? Are you bigger than them and will be able to post them up? Are you quicker and will be able to take them off the dribble? Will you be able to get rebounds? How can you help your team?

Don’t wait until you’re out there to figure it out. You’ve got the advantage of watching the game from the start. A huge advantage.


5. Stay Ready

Be a great teammate on the bench by staying ready for when your number is called to go on and help your team.

When your number is called your team expects you to go on and play your part for the team. Don’t let your teammates down by not staying engaged and ready to do that.



Being a great bench player really comes down to being a great teammate. Being able to put team success before personal glory.

We must all remember that the players on the bench do play a big role in the outcome of the game. The intensity and moral of the players on the bench have a huge influence on the players on the court.

Put the team before yourself by following these 5 simple tips.
1. Bring lots of energy.
2. Take note of your body language.
3. Don’t ruin your teammates mental state.
4. Watch what your opponent is doing.
5. Stay ready.

And if you want more minutes on the court, becoming a great bench player will get you a step in the right direction.

When a coach looks down the bench who do you think the coach is going to substitute in; the player that’s sitting forward and looking eager to play? Or the player leaning back looking disinterested?

Written By Coach Trevor McLean

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Always Social Proof Before Fundraising

When selecting a fundraising partner, the concept of Social Proof can provide exceptional reliability in the investment you make. Social Proof speaks to a person’s reliance on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is the best fit for their circumstance.

When making an important decision for one’s fundraising needs, specific examples of how Social Proof can often ensure a strong Return on Investment (ROI) include:

1. Minimum 4 or 5 Star Review Average

-Reviews define a business’s online reputation and are a key influencer in consumer decision making. According to Business2Community:
90% of consumers read online reviews
88% trust online reviews when considering a business transaction

2. Coach’s Corner

– According to a 2014 Gen Study, 97% of B2B buyers feel that user-generated content like consumer reviews are more credible than other types of content. Look for authentic customer testimonials on the home page of your fundraising partner. Happy and informed customers make all the difference!

3. Winning Through Social Influence

-Social media is a key component of any business’s marketing strategy to build and enhance their brand presence and get their consumers approval. According to Sprout Social, 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media approval or disapproval.

-Look for a well maintained social media page that has frequent and relevant posts weekly across multiple social handles for your fundraising partner.

4. Let’s Go To The Videotape

– YouTube is the standard bearer for creating a virtual community for any business to share short form videos from key influencers tailored to the consumers’ at the moment and mission critical. According to eMarketer, 4X as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product, rather than read about it.

-Look for influencer videos across all channels (Google My Business, Social Media, and website) before selecting a fundraising partner.

In 2019, make Social Proof work for you in selecting the optimal partner for all your fundraising needs.

Campaign Sports boasts a 4.9 Star review on Google with over 25 positive customer and key influencer testimonials. Check us out today at as well as our social media pages.

Lenoir-Rhyne Football Back On National Stage

Lenoir-Rhyne University Football, following 4 consecutive losing seasons, was able to recapture that winning feeling this fall and then some. Under new Head Coach Drew Cronic and several members of his staff who brought their winning pedigree from helping transform Reinhardt University Football into an NAIA powerhouse, the Bears finished with an impressive 12-2 record overall and a perfect 7-0 in conference play. By capturing the SAC Championship and making it to the NCAA D2 Regional Final, LRU Football is serving notice that they will be a threat to capture the D2 National Championship for years to come.

Off the field, their fundraising campaign through Campaign Sports brought in several thousands of dollars in additional revenue as their remarkable turnaround has been short & swift. With the money raised, they were able to offset the cost of new uniforms, travel suits, and updated field equipment.

Campaign Sports would like to thank SAC Coach of the Year Drew Cronic and his entire program for the opportunity to assist LRU Football’s fundraising efforts during this landmark season. We look forward to working together once again in 2019 in their pursuit of a D2 National Championship!


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