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Field Hockey Leads The Way at Stevens Tech

Sometimes the dynamism of one team and coach can make the difference in jumpstarting a working relationship with an entire athletic department. Nowhere is that more evident than with Coach Meredith Spencer-Blaetz and her field hockey program at the Stevens Institute of Technology. A beautiful urban campus overlooking the NYC skyline in Hoboken, NJ, Stevens Tech has become a Campaign Sports fundraising mainstay thanks to Meredith and her willingness to take a chance on a fundraising program that proved to be #MoreThanCrowdfunding.

This fall, Campaign Sports has had the pleasure of helping SIT Field Hockey raise over $11,000 for their team trip to Argentina in 2019. Their recent success has lead to several other sports programs at Stevens Tech joining the Campaign Sports family, including women’s lacrosse, softball and volleyball respectively.

On behalf of the entire Campaign Sports family, we would like to say congratulations to Coach Spencer-Blaetz and Stevens Tech field hockey for not only their exceptional fundraising success, but also Thank You for helping to cultivate a strong working relationship with the Stevens Tech Athletic Department as well. We look forward to many more years of success together!

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Torque Release: Why Every Athlete Needs To Try This

Torque Release Technique is one of the newest natural healthcare approaches that athletes of all levels are turning to. It is safe, effective, and encouraged by most professional and collegiate level sports teams. The technique was founded off fundamental principles and science in chiropractic. It has been shown to enhance peak-performance, reduce recovery times, increase agility, and promote cognitive function and co-coordination. A number of NFL, MLB, and Olympic athletes have adopted this chiropractic-specific technique in their regiment of wellness.

The technique works directly with the Nervous-System by relaxing any tension or stress on the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the mechanism by which the human brain sends electrical-impulses through a substance called cerebral spinal fluid via the nerves in the body to respective cells, tissues, muscles, and organs. This allows the dynamics of the nervous-system to relax and the body to function better. Everything from less pain, relaxed muscles, improved heart-rate variability, and increased circulation such as blood, lymph, and even the production of certain neurotransmitters.

INSPIRE Chiropractic in Boynton Beach is one of less than 200 offices in the United States, which is “Advanced Proficiency Certified” to practice Torque Release Technique. The office see’s athletes of all levels; retired, professional, collegiate, high-school, and intramural sports alike. If you are an athlete devoted to your craft or just a weekend warrior who likes to throw ball, INSPIRE invites you to find out more about how this technique influences overall human potential.

Dr. Andrew Nolt


INSPIRE Chiropractic
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PAC West Basketball Champs Score Big On & Off The Court

For the past 5 years, Campaign Sports has been an integral part of Dixie State Men’s Basketball’s fundraising success. The 2017-18 season proved to be our best one yet in more ways than one.

On the court, DSU Basketball concluded their 17 game season ending winning streak by capturing the PAC West Conference Championship. Off the court, the Trailblazers fundraised $10,200 through Campaign Sports which proved to be our most successful fundraising campaign to date. These funds will go towards the purchase of championship rings for the entire squad.

Campaign Sports would like to thank Coach Jon Judkins for continuing to entrust us to deliver a first class fundraising experience year in and year out for a truly first class basketball program in D2 Athletics.

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Duquesne Swimming Captures 1st Atlantic-10 Title

The 2018 season saw the Duquesne Dukes Women’s Swimming & Diving program finally capture their first-ever Atlantic 10 Championship by just 9 points over conference powerhouse Richmond after finishing runner-up to them the past two years. This tremendous feat also resulted in Duquesne’s Dave Sheets being named NCAA D1 Women’s Swimming Coach of the Year.
It is with tremendous honor and gratification that Campaign Sports extends our congratulations to such a successful swimming program both in and out of the water (team GPA sits around 3.5). In 2017, Duquesne Swimming partnered with Campaign Sports to fundraise over $7,000 to offset their travel costs to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for their team training trip last season.
On behalf of all of us at Campaign Sports, thank you Coach Sheets for allowing us to be a part of your championship tradition, we very much look forward to assisting with your next fundraising venture in the near future!
If you would like to learn more about our fundraising platform, please visit us at, call us at (877) 511-1555 or email us
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Benefits of Sports Medicine Acupuncture

The benefits of Sports Medicine Acupuncture are undeniable. It is a form of acupuncture especially useful for injury recovery, prevention, and performance enhancement. It takes both a western orthopedic view as well as traditional Chinese medicine approach to treating musculoskeletal problems, thereby bringing the best of both worlds to the table so that athletes can compete at their best, more injury free, and at a higher level both mentally and physically.

Athletes in particular are susceptible to many forms of injuries both chronic and acute. The quicker these injuries can be addressed and not only treated but prevented as well, the better.  Sports Medicine acupuncture’s additional ability to enhance performance will keep the athlete in tip top shape and able to compete on the level he or she desires on a more consistent basis.

In general, acupuncture can help by stimulating the nervous system, resulting in biochemical changes that both influence the body’s own self-regulating systems, and stimulate its own natural healing abilities. Here is a brief overview and some significant research results of how acupuncture and Sports Medicine acupuncture can help aid in the three important areas of injury recovery, prevention of injury, and performance enhancement.

Injury Recovery

Research has shown that acupuncture can reduce healing time by as much as 50% and can promote the resolution of injuries in several ways. First and foremost,  it can provide pain relief by stimulating the body’s own endorphin (feel good hormones) system. In a randomized controlled trial of acupuncture for exercise-induced muscle soreness, 22 healthy adults were randomly assigned real acupuncture, sham acupuncture, or control group (no acupuncture). Through eccentric muscle contraction of the elbow until exhaustion, soreness was induced. They found after 72 hours, pain perception was significantly lower with acupuncture, vs sham or no acupuncture. (J Altern Complement Med. 2008 Oct:14(8):1011-6)

By increasing local microcirculation, acupuncture aids in the dispersal of swelling and bruising (Komori et al, 2009). An animal study designed to look into the effects of acupuncture on muscle tissue inflammation showed that manual acupuncture actually downregulated (turned off) pro-inflammatory cells (M1 macrophages) and at the same time, upregulated (activated) anti-inflammatory cells (M2 macrophages), resulting in reduced pain and swelling (Molecular Neurobiology Feb. 2015). Epoch Times reported, “Acupuncture literally flips a switch wherein initial inflammatory responses are reduced and the secondary healing responses are promoted” (May 27,2016).

Acupuncture can break down scar tissue by creating a controlled micro trauma and creating a cascade of healing activities that result in the remodeling of affected soft tissue structure. Acupuncture has shown suppression of the peripheral inflammatory response and other anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

Finally, acupuncture aids in promoting faster recovery after training sessions. An observational study of the effects of female swimmers found that acupuncture can improve exercise tolerance, increase hemoglobin and blood glucose concentrations, and promote quick recovery thus delaying the appearance of sports fatigue (Pan&Pan, 2007).

Preventative Care

Acupuncture addresses the natural degeneration of athletes over 30.  “Spondylosis, degenerative changes within the spine normally occur primarily over the age of thirty“ (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, March 2004). With a sports medicine approach, acupuncture can keep muscles in good condition and balanced properly, thereby increasing stamina and increasing overall quality of performance.

Stress reduction

Acupuncture has long been used for stress and anxiety reduction. By stimulating the natural feel good endorphin hormones in the body, cortisol levels have been known to drop. There is evidence that suggests that acupuncture may also work by activating your body’s natural opioid system, which may also help to reduce pain or induce sleep (World Health Organization, Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials, 2003) . A body stressed is more prone to injury and acupuncture’s ability to offload some of that stress makes for a sharper, more relaxed and “in the zone” athlete.

Performance enhancement

Sports medicine acupuncture has been shown to create higher endurance rates while keeping muscles in good condition,  decreasing the number of injuries and recovery time, thereby leaving more overall injury free time and better performance in the athletes chosen path. In a study showing the effect of acupuncture on 20-km cycling performance, 20 male cyclists underwent three tests a week, riding a stationary bike for 20km as fast as possible. Before each test they received acupuncture, “sham” acupuncture, and no intervention once each in a random order. It was found that the cyclists receiving acupuncture before their ride were able to achieve greater levels of exertion, with faster cycling times and experienced less pain as well (Clin J, Sport Med. 2008 Jan:18 (1):76-80).

With Sports Acupuncture’s approach you can enjoy quicker injury recovery, prevention of injury and other illnesses, better performance, and a body more equipped to handle day to day stress. All while recovering quicker while training or competing.  Now that’s a winning combination!
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Athletes that use acupuncture

Professional triathletes like Ironman World Champions Craig Alexander and Chrissy Wellington, as well as NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, and NFL quarterback Brett Favre all have used sports acupuncture for injury prevention, treatment and pain relief. Just to name a few…

By: Holly Green AP,C.SMA

Lady Colonels Basketball’s Cinderella Story Continues

The 2017-18 season saw Nicholls State Women’s Basketball make it to #MarchMadness for the first time in their 44 year history by capturing their first ever #SouthlandConference Championship.
Please check out their incredible journey to the dance which culminated in their upset victory over Stephen F. Austin in the conference final:
As the 2018-19 season approaches, the benefits of being the defending Southland Conference Champions are already paying dividends. Triple Crown Sports recently revealed that the Lady Colonels have been invited to participate in the 2018 Preseason Women’s Basketball National Invitational Tournament #WNIT for the first time in program history. 
#CampaignSports is proud to announce that we will once again be an official #fundraising partner of the #LadyColonels for this upcoming season.
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Running a successful fundraising venture begins with student-athlete engagement. The team’s collective effort toward a common goal that is built on motivation & desire will yield the best possible financial result. So what are the Top 3 fundraising initiatives that motivate student-athletes?
Nothing brings home the bacon quite like a Team Trip. Whether it be an out-of-state competition or tournament, team bonding, international tour or Missionary work, taking a major trip could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make lasting memories with teammates, sightseeing, or compete against non-conference teams.
Performing in style is an underrated motivator as well. The vast majority of student-athletes will not compete at a prestigious D1 university, but they can still compete in the same type of quality uniforms & apparel. Branding is essential when it comes to convincing a recruit to join your athletic program or fundraise successfully for it.
Finally, where you prepare and compete matters to student-athletes. A well-rounded training/workout facility as well as a first class field or court shows a commitment to the process of building a winning organization. The environment you keep could be the deciding factor when it comes to success or failure in the fundraising game.  #MoreThanCrowdfunding
If you’d like to learn more, please visit us at, call us (877) 511-1555 or email us at @campaignsports1 on twitter, @campaignsportsllc on Instagram and


NSU Softball Builds Their ‘Field of Dreams

There is nothing more satisfying to me as a small business owner than seeing a client’s needs fulfilled and the results of their time & effort paying off. For Nicholls State University Softball in Louisiana, they will play the 2018 season on a new turf infield with new lights, new dugouts, new bleachers and an upgraded press box.
On behalf of Campaign Sports, we wish to thank Coach Angel Santiago and every member of NSU Softball for entrusting us these past few years to be a small part of their fundraising success which turned the Colonels Softball field into a 1st Class facility that will now rival other top D1 schools throughout the nation.
As we look to complete our 4th consecutive fundraising year together, 2018 has proven to be our most successful campaign to date as we just crossed $12,000 and still climbing!
On a personal note, I would also like to thank Coach Santiago for going to bat for Campaign Sports (no pun intended!) since our first campaign in 2014. The most difficult obstacle Campaign Sports has faced since its inception is Institutional Advancement at various universities throughout the country with a philosophy of trying to have centralized control over all aspects of sports fundraising. While Nicholls State Advancement has allowed us to work together, it would not have been possible without Angel’s insistence that we provide our fundraising service for NSU Softball’s major project.  #MoreThanCrowdfunding
Please check out this 90 second video on YouTube on behalf of NSU Softball which details their new field!
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PAC West Basketball Champs Score Big On & Off The Court

For the past 5 years, Campaign Sports has been an integral part of Dixie State Men’s Basketball’s fundraising success. The 2017-18 season proved to be our best one yet in more ways than one.
On the court, DSU Basketball concluded their 17 game season ending winning streak by capturing the PAC West Conference Championship. Off the court, the Trailblazers fundraised $10,200 through Campaign Sports which proved to be our most successful fundraising campaign to date. These funds will go towards the purchase of championship rings for the entire squad.
Campaign Sports would like to thank Coach Jon Judkins for continuing to entrust us to deliver a first class fundraising experience year in and year out for a truly first class basketball program in D2 Athletics. #MoreThanCrowdfunding
If you’d like to learn more about us, please visit us at, call us at (877) 511-1555 or email us at

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UNA Soccer Fundraises For D1 Jump

The 2018 season will be a landmark year for the University of North Alabama Women’s Soccer program as Lion Athletics officially moves to Division 1 in the Atlantic Sun #Asun Conference. Having been ranked as high as 8th in the nation along with a 3.35 team #GPA in 2017, the Lady Lions appear more than ready for this next chapter in their collegiate careers.
With this big leap comes a bigger athletic budget, but also bigger travel expenses. #LadyLionsSoccer proved to be more than up to the task by raising almost $6,000 through #CampaignSports this spring alone. With out of state trips scheduled for Tennessee, Florida and New Jersey, these extra funds will provide a tremendous boost to the travel budget.
#CampaignSports would like to thank Coach Chris Walker and Lady Lions Soccer for the opportunity to assist and look forward to even bigger fundraising projects together in the future! #MoreThanCrowdfunding
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