The Importance of Functional Fitness for Student-Athletes

Functional Fitness, or Cross Training, is an important component of athletic development from youth to pro. Functional fitness focuses on movements that focus on balance, coordination and body awareness. As an experienced coach & competitor for several years, I have found functional fitness to be the best option for athletes looking to improve their strength, stamina and cardio capabilities.

Some of the exercises used include olympic lifting, compound movements and interval circuits which require the use of multiple muscle groups at a time. Some examples of these movements such as clean and jerks, sled pushes and wall balls require explosiveness, coordination and focus which will naturally force the body to improve its overall cardiovascular capability.

This type of training is primarily focused on the athlete performing under exertion, increasing their aerobic capacity and concentration under exhaustion. Being able to focus under exertion is vital for athletic performance. Our facility works with athletes of all types and training is sports specific, so all programs can be customized.

It is my experience in working with athletes, that high intensity training as well as olympic lifting improves aerobic capacity, explosiveness and performance far greater than just strength training and cardio alone. For athletes looking for the competitive edge, I highly recommend incorporating functional fitness into their weekly routines.

Dominick Cataudella
Coach at Intrepid Montclair

@dom923jk @intrepidmontclair

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