Are You Tired of Sharing Your Profits?

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Are you tired of sharing your profits? Campaign Sports has the distinction of being the only student-athlete based fundraising company nationwide that does NOT take a percentage of your overall profits.

When it comes to student-athlete based fundraising programs, crowdfunding is a common platform for such needs. Easy setup, quick returns, above average results. So what’s the downside?

Unfortunately, crowdfunding in almost every form is a ‘one size fits all’ option. So what’s the solution?

We differ from our competition through three distinct variables:

1) NOT taking a percentage of the overall fundraising profit
2) Track your donations and ROI LIVE on your personalized webpage
3) Custom sponsorship brochure that’s tailor made for your needs and potential contributors needs who value quality of service and donor engagement. Click here to view a sample brochure.

Finally, we are compensated for our services rendered at the conclusion of the fundraiser. This means there is no upfront capital required to start and there is no financial risk.

Why wait? Click HERE to fundraising today!

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