Running a successful fundraising venture begins with student-athlete engagement. The team’s collective effort toward a common goal that is built on motivation & desire will yield the best possible financial result. So what are the Top 3 fundraising initiatives that motivate student-athletes?
Nothing brings home the bacon quite like a Team Trip. Whether it be an out-of-state competition or tournament, team bonding, international tour or Missionary work, taking a major trip could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make lasting memories with teammates, sightseeing, or compete against non-conference teams.
Performing in style is an underrated motivator as well. The vast majority of student-athletes will not compete at a prestigious D1 university, but they can still compete in the same type of quality uniforms & apparel. Branding is essential when it comes to convincing a recruit to join your athletic program or fundraise successfully for it.
Finally, where you prepare and compete matters to student-athletes. A well-rounded training/workout facility as well as a first class field or court shows a commitment to the process of building a winning organization. The environment you keep could be the deciding factor when it comes to success or failure in the fundraising game.  #MoreThanCrowdfunding
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