Campaign Sports Or Snap Raise?

As a current collegiate athlete who has experience with both #CampaignSports and #SnapRaise, I wanted to share my perspective on why Campaign Sports would be your best #fundraising option for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

My coaches were always hesitant on using the #crowdfunding method of #fundraising companies like #SnapRaise because they take almost a quarter percentage out of our funds raised no matter what. Ultimately, we decided to use them because we needed the money for important costs but having a significant percentage of our earnings taken out steered my coaches and teammates away from using a company of this type for fundraising again.

Campaign Sports, on the other hand, do not take a percentage of your fundraising dollars. They are compensated on a per contact basis at your fundraiser’s conclusion with no upfront capital required to start and no financial risk regardless of your results.

Aside from their professional brochure design, easy to navigate team website and overall execution, their latest addition of the mobile responsive site for your iPhone and Android is a real game changer for coaches, athletes and donors alike to make the whole fundraising experience hassle-free.

Whether you’re a college, high school or club sports team looking to raise thousands of dollars for your upcoming season in a timely manner with zero hassle and the highest profit margin, I highly recommend Campaign Sports to meet your fundraising goals!

Hannah Robles

Member of the Lewis & Clark College Volleyball team