Campaign Sports: The Fundraising Alternative To Crowdfunding For Sports Teams

Fundraising is a very important part of many sports programs today. The costs of fielding high-caliber teams keeps getting higher, whether it be tuition, registration fees, uniforms, travel expenses, or facility upgrades. It is pushing the limits of what all but football power conference schools can handle.
Once a coach or booster club makes the decision to fundraise for their team, how do they choose the right option?
Campaign Sports offers a unique alternative to the “crowdfunding” bunch. While effective in some ways, they also tend to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to raising funds, whether you are a business startup looking for seed funding, a community out-reach program, or a college baseball team. Sports teams – whether college, club, or high school, have a very special set of circumstances that require a fundraising campaign tailored to their unique needs.
So what does Campaign Sports offer that makes us different AND a better option?
A professional custom made brochure, a fundraising App for your iPhone & Android, and zero profit percentage taken at your fundraiser’s conclusion.
These three components offer coaches, athletes and donors a 1st class fundraising experience from start to finish. Lower fees & higher profits! #MoreThanCrowdfunding
If you’d like to learn more, please visit us at, call us (877) 511-1555 or email us at @campaignsports1 on twitter, @campaignsportsllc on Instagram and