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Sports Fundraising For Teams – Get The Most Out Of Your Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising for sports is a very important part of many sports programs today. The costs of fielding high-caliber teams keeps getting higher. There are registration fees, uniforms, travel expenses, lodging for away games – and on it goes. It is pushing the limits of what all but a few team can handle.

Because of this, it has become the norm for teams to undertake fundraising efforts to help with these costs. But once the decision is made to raise additional funds for the team, how do you go from there? It is very difficult to evaluate and choose the fundraising ideas that will best suit your teams needs.

If you start by searching up “fundraising” on Google, you get 113 million responses. That means there are that many site pages that may be offering assistance, in one form or another, in meeting your fundraising objectives.

Sports Fundraising Partner – How Do You Choose?

How do you choose? First, you can drop out the “crowd funding” bunch. They tend to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to raising funds, whether you are a business startup looking for seed funding, a community out-reach program, or a college baseball team. Sports teams – whether college, club, or high school, have a very special set of circumstances that require a fundraising campaign that is tailored to their unique needs.

Coaches have athletes who are new to the program and those who are just getting started. Find out about how the donor lists are handled. Get a sample of the email they will send to donors on the lists that the athletes submit. Get detailed information on how they handle Social Media.

But more importantly, get references from someone you know who preferably coaches in the same sport as yours. Ask her about her experience with fundraising with the company being considered.

Do they have designers on staff who will design campaign materials that are unique, effective and tailored to your team and its athletes and coaches.

Campaign Sports

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Working with Campaign Sports was extremely easy. The staff was very easy to work with and for a busy coach they worked around my schedule …

Betty Casey

Head Soccer Coach, University of SW

Last year I decided to run our football fundraiser using Campaign Sports. It was the easiest and most successful fundraiser that I have done in my 10 years as the head coach …

Russ Horton

Head Football Coach, Moorestown High School

I know Pete to be a very hard worker, so it’s no surprise that his vision for Campaign Sports is becoming a reality. I’m sure clients can come to expect the same passion in the future that Pete has exhibited in the past.

Mark Malusis

Broadcaster, 66 WFAN New York

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